This course focuses on theatre as ensemble work. Students utilize skills, techniques and experiences from previous SRVHS theatre courses, and productions to improve the group of actors they work with. Students  work as a truly collaborative team to fully analyze plays, characters, and each other’s performances. Theatre is viewed as a collective effort as students learn to work in ensemble while improving upon personal interactions to the entity of theatre. Performances will include auditions, competitions, performance art and at least one main stage production.


  • Create challenging and fulfilling  collaborative performances

  • Fully embody characterization through 12 principles of acting
  • Learn about and utilize  many acting techniques
  • Learn about and utilize collegial criticism 

  • Learn about and utilize coaching techniques

  • Learn about and utilize directing techniques

  • Learn about and utilize skillsused to create  meaningful theatre

  • Develop strong audition skills needed for the professional actor


Student Statements

Harry G.

"I like to  think of my theatre ensemble as an organ, like a heart, and we're all individual muscles pushing and pulling to keep the blood moving. We as actors flow perfectly with each other create a coherent performance with equal contribution to the play; though someone may have more lines than another, every part is created with importance. Simply put, working in an ensemble makes me feel like I'm a part of something bigger, that we all speak with one voice and work with each other, not against each other"