Theater Marquee Lights


Theatre 2 strives to advance the  each student’s experience in accordance to the study of theater as students are encouraged to try new things and embody characters that deviate from themselves. An importance is placed on adding appropriate emotion to create a scene. Students explore concepts of movement, stage combat, scene development, theatrical writing, monologues and learning who to portray the character to the extent of its believability.


Student Statement

Lauren B.

"I think the most incredible feeling of not only being on stage, but also the rehearsal process prior to the spotlight is developing a strong character of unwavering emotion, background, thought, relationship, and objective. For my personal acting process in this, I find myself analyzing each line and establishing a clear motive as to why my character chose this word or this phrase or this sentence over another. Through this analysis,  I am able to create and embody an intelligible understanding of my character, one that I can further develop through continuing rehearsal and one that the audience can interpret and analyze in their  own viewing of my performance. The most beautiful piece of this process is definitely that involving catharsis; making the audience feel something is a huge aspect of not only this personal process of mine, but for acting and performing in general. "