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Past Productions

The SRVHS Theatre Department has produced numerous amazing shows over the past several years. Let's take a throw back to some of the greatest hits straight from the Performing Arts Center.


She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms


Amidst the pandemic, the Theatre 4 ensemble held their heads up high to virtually produce this groundbreaking play about acceptance, grief, and... Dungeons and Dragons. After a tragedy that took her sister's life, Tilly Evans ventures into a D&D module, ultimately discovering more about her sister and the geek within us all.

12 Angry Jurors


Theatre 4 takes on the iconic 3-act play (virtually) from the early 1900s. As an incident plagues a group of deciding jurors, obstacles arise and extreme tensions strengthen.


HOWL: A collection of plays


In a series of eight short plays all in a single night, Theatre 2 and Theatre 3 come together to deliver a variety of stories to the audience. From jumping off a roof covered in egg-cartons, to going on a third first double blind date, "HOWL" has easily become one of the most iconic shows at San Ramon Valley Theatre.

26 Pebbles


Following the tragedy of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, twenty-six innocent deaths, like pebbles thrown into a pond, created ripples and vibrations that were felt far beyond the initial rings. Through the voices of real people affected from the event, this show explored the heavy topics of gun violence and the many complications over what had occurred. SRVHS Theatre had the privilege to do multiple assembly performances for the school that would spark valuable conversation amongst students and elevate the level of vulnerability within the Theatre 4 Ensemble.


Shrek the Musical


In a fairytale land far, far away, alumni Wyatt Donaldson as Shrek and alumni Mitchell Smith as Donkey bring the iconic 2004 movie to life here at the performing arts center. Running for four nights, Shrek the Musical has managed to sell out seats every time!

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time


Alumni Nathan Zingg and Morgan Rountree portray the curious Christopher Boone, a member of the autistic spectrum. Through trust, vulnerability, and coordination, the theatre 4 ensemble carry out a mysterious and suspenseful yet beautiful story about Christopher Boone's self progression, discovering answers as to who murdered Mrs. Shear's dog, and the truths that lie behind it all.


You Can't Take It With You


The Sycamores are just your average family: one filled with many eccentric house members, different passions, and homemade fireworks in the cellar. With Alice Sycamore finding herself in a soon-to-be-marriage relationship with the charming Tony Kirby, their love is tested through the chaotic, totally not uncommon Sycamore family.

Infinite Black Suitcase


From critically-acclaimed playwright EM Lewis comes the story of three families who are trying, in the most loving and human ways, to deal with death and dying. This play brought SRV Theatre actors to an elevated level of character development and respect for such a difficult play filled with profane language.


Treasure Island


A stunning yarn of piracy on the tropical seas. At the center of it all are Jim Hawkins, a 14-year-old boy who longs for adventure, and the infamous Long John Silver, who is a complex study of good and evil, perhaps the most famous hero-villain of all time.

Legally Blonde the Musical


The 2001 Reese Witherspoon film comes to life with stunning music on the SRV Theatre stage, featuring alumni Anna Silver as the bubbly Elle Woods. 


Almost, Maine


Welcome to Almost, Maine, a place that’s so far north, it’s almost not in the United States. It’s almost in Canada. And it’s not quite a town, because its residents never got around to getting organized. So it almost doesn’t exist. One cold, clear, winter night, as the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky above, the residents of Almost, Maine, find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected and hilarious ways. 

Hamlet 2017

The Laramie Project 2015

Get Smart 2015

Noises Off 2015

The Addams Family Musical 2015

Selected Shorts 2014

Daisy Pulls It Off 2013

Rumors 2014

Greater Tuna 2013

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